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My new addiction…sunflare

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I get obsessed with different lighting sources…I enjoy shooting with beautiful backlight, beautiful window light can also get my pulse racing…I tend to get bored with studio light, because it’s just the same thing over and over.  Natural light, on the other hand, is constantly changing, with the time of day, the direction it comes from, the color it casts on my subjects, etc…natural light is my constant craving, and I approach it like one does a math problem…I study it first, work it out a little in my head, then in the camera, adding and subtracting light from my subject until I find that "sweet spot"…

My latest discovery…sunflare…I get it at the beach everytime I go, but have been hesitant to experiment with it at home…but here are a couple of shots I just love, notice the beautiful sunflare in each of these.  The last is probably my fav because they were having a spitting contest and I always try to tell a story with a photograph, even during my light experiments.




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