Rapunzel’s Curse . . . The Making of a Fine Art Print

Want to see how I created this image?  Great!  I wanted to share how I photographed this image in order to show how ideas become a reality when you just jump in and try something outside of your comfort zone.  I created this back in January but am just now posting because it’s been making rounds in the competition circuit. 


I had an idea about Rapunzel’s hair being so beautiful but also the cause of much torment for her.  I created this image over a few weeks, photographing and editing throughout the weeks and making changes as ideas would come to me or as I realized areas that needed to be worked on.

 I saw someones rendition of “Jezebel” on Pinterest and her hair was wrapped around her neck. I got the idea that Rapunzel’s hair grew so long it started to tangle and strangle her. Next, I went to Sally Beauty in Hazard, KY and purchased as many blonde hair extensions as I could possibly afford. ($175) 

I wrapped the hair around a bust I keep in the studio for dresses. I wrapped and photographed hair for hours. Here are some of the originals I used to create the image.  I used a main light on my left, a strip light on the back right and a hair light above. 



Next, I called a friend of mine in High School who I knew would have great facial expressions and do whatever I asked to look tense and tortured by Rapunzel’s long hair. Thanks again, Myra Jo Davis!

I then combined them in Photoshop and began layering the hair which took hours and hours. And voila!  Here’s my Rapunzel’s Curse.
Rapunzel’s Curse, scored 96 at Pro Photo Network, 87 at South East District, received Fuji Masterpiece Award, and was accepted into the General Collection at PPA’s International Print Competition.   Thanks for reading my blog!  
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