Tip Tuesday: My favorite photographers, finding inspiration . . .

Photography is all about visual and emotional inspiration.  I want to share with you the photographers that are constantly inspiring me. These are my favorite places to find inspiration when I need refueled!





  1. Steve Meisel One of the most powerful fashion photographers of all time, he’s been credited with “discovering” or nurturing the careers of many top models including Coco Rocha, Linda Evangelista,  Naomi Campbell, and Lara Stone.
  2. Patrick Demarchelier
  3. Lindsay Adler  In a world dominated by men photographers, Lindsay is a standout among her peers.  Her use of bold color and graphic pizazz makes her a favorite of mine.  She has tons of youtube videos explaining many of her techniques making her top notch in my book for sharing her knowledge with this industry.   She inspires my senior portrait shoots all the time.
  4. Richard Avedon  Known for his fashion work and minimalistic portraits, Richard Avedon inspires me with his photographs of celebrities and politicians.  He uses beautiful tones on the black and white scale I find mouth watering.



  1. Sue Bryce    Sue inspires my portrait work of women, all ages and sizes.  She’s providing an experience for her clients I drool over and the images are interwoven with a soulfulness and authenticity I am in awe of.
  2. Lisa Visser Weldon!/page/124677/home     Lisa specializes in fine art portraits of children.  She inspires me to shoot simplistically and from the heart because that’s exactly what her images make me feel like, heart full.  I LOVE to photograph children because you never know what kind of expression they will be wearing or what they will say.  Unlike Lisa, my images of children are more spontaneous, less planned, but when I want a cup of fresh perspective, I always google Lisa Visser Weldon and she never fails.
  3. Kristi Sutton Elias   Kristi’s portraits are easily recognized by their distinctive,  dramatic style and her strong use of a muted color palette.  Her conceptual work always inspires me to think outside of the box.  She is a master storyteller with images.







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