Yuck, I hate P’sketti . . . (the making of a loan print and shooting for competition)


In order to show how I shoot for competition, I thought I would show how this session unfolded and my editing and thought process for conceptual photography with a child.

I was inspired by the art work that hangs in all Fazoli’s restaurants.  They have giant canvased of kids eating pasta and I LOVE pasta, so an idea was born.  I made a pinterest board of kids eating pasta.  I found an adorable toddler model, Presley, and invited her to my studio.

I called Frances’ Diner in Hazard, KY and asked Frances to make me some spaghetti noodles.  They loved the idea and were glad to help.

These are some images that led up to my finished product.

Step 1.  It took us about 5 minutes of coaxing just to get Presley to pick up the fork.

step 2.   We then decided her hair needed to go up in pig tails.

Step 3.  Presley was thinking,   “Are you kidding me?  You call this a photo shoot?” Step 4.  The editing process began.  I knew this was the expression I wanted!  YES!

But it needed to be flipped horizontal in Photoshop so the composition would be stronger!   Then began the arduous editing process.  I re-exported her from Light Room, color corrected, straightened the crop and realized the NOODLES were out of focus!  CRAP!  Back to the drawing board.

I called Frances’ Diner again, got more noodles and did a reshoot of the noodles.  Yes, I’m insane at this point. 

Ok, back to Photoshop . . . I added some “in focus” noodles, painted and basically created Presley some “in focus” fingers, softened her skin, burned down the bowl, painted her hair, eyes, sharpened and softened until I came up with the finished result.   Voila!     This image scored a 96 at SEPPA  and made the Loan Collection in 2016. 

Thanks for going on this Spaghetti journey with me!

~Shutter Suz




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