Not so Terrible Two’s { 2nd Birthday Photo Shoot }

frontThe thing I love most about a two year old is you CAN’T reason with them yet! As a photographer, this keeps me on my toes.  It’s a continuous challenge to come up with ways and props to keep them “contained”.

We used lots of distracting elements for this SPUNKY, HAPPY, AMBITIOUS two-year old:

Andrew’s Balloons

Andrew’s Tricycle

Andrew’s vintage Rocking Chair

My umbrella

My Songs

All of us Dancing

Foolish Photographer

Hilarious Mother

Helpful Assistant (thank God)

I think we did a good job at capturing Andrew’s perfect personality.  My favorite thing he said was, “Chaaaeeeeesssssseeeeee”, that’s his Eastern Kentucky way of saying, “cheese”.

20x24 traditiona-BLOG final


I am just in love with this little boy!  Thank you Susan for sharing him with me.


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