Shut Out the Noise . . . Fine Art Black and White Photography

In a world surrounded by digital and social media noise, I wanted to create an image of someone who wants to escape all social media, gossip, negative energy, and shut out all the noise.

I created this image in January for myself, in the middle of someone else’s session, of my daughter, McKenna. She was at the studio with  me helping with another session when I got this bright idea to create tension with a sheer curtain and a her face.  Here is the final result, and below, the image used to create the black and white fine art version.

This image was shot with studio light, then retouched in Adobe Photoshop Classic and with the plug-in Alien Skin, where I added the digital noise, or grain as it would have been called if shot with film.

See what can happen when you stop and visualize art?  I LOVE creating something simple out of something simple.

Thanks for looking.  This image scored a 90 at Photo Pro Network Print Competition in January and helped me win Photographer of the Year at the competition with the highest scoring print case. It scored an 82 at district and was just accepted into the General Collection at PPA’s International Print Competition.


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