Senior Portrait Day Checklist ( senior guide for everything you will need on the big day)

1.  Sleep the night before.

2. Wash Face.

3. Eat Breakfast.

4. Double Check outfits.

5. Bring Shoes.   (Even though they may not show).

6. Bring your jewelry. Photographers like options. ( Mixing and matching is fun.  Don’t spend time agonizing over every detail, leave that to me).

7. Google Directions to the studio before you start driving.  Our address is 2785 North Main Street, Hazard, KY 41701

8. Bring someone with you!  Moms and/or best friends work perfectly.  I may even put them to work!

9. Makeup.  Bring your own for touchups, incase the studio doesn’t provide.  We have just about any color available.

10. Wash the car if it’s going to be in photos.  No Photographer wants or has time to photoshop dirt off a car. LOL.

11. DON’T forget your sports equipment.  Shoes if you cheer or play soccer, volleyball, baseball etc.

12. Smile.

13. Have fun.





Behind those HAZEL eyes (posing pooches, pet photography)

Breeding-51Breeding-42Hazel came to the studio as a  Mother’s Day gift for her mom, Pauletta.   As her sisters Kennedy, Cassidy and Vannah watch patiently in the background, Hazel took the job of sitting for a portrait very seriously.  She had her toenails painted, a trendy and vintage hair accessory in place, and the perfect angle for her teeth to SHINE!

Breeding-15I cannot even describe to you how much fun I had connecting with Hazel!  I get the feeling she gets tired of little yappy, foo-foo dogs and wants everyone to know she can get glammed up too!   Like, I “get you” girl.   On occasion, I  too have days when I think,  “How can I compete with younger, hipper photographers who have way less wrinkles?”  But, you know, at the end of the day, we are who we are.   And I bet living with 3 gorgeous girls can’t be all it’s cracked up to be.Breeding-87Breeding-79Breeding-63


As if their beauty isn’t enough, Hazel says you can watch her sisters perform at Jenny Wiley Theater this summer.  Click here  for more information on dates and times of Shrek. Don’t miss it!


#Family #Adorable #Cute #Photography

Whitaker Paige

I LOVE it when I get to meet new people, especially 16 month old Carson.  He has the cutest personality and is all about his mommy and Daddy!  The world is super lucky to have you Carson and we were super lucky to have you in the studio. The above picture is exactly what Paige purchased for her house, perfect for displaying the entire session when there is no way to pick just ONE.

For other little boy sessions, click here and to book with us click here for more information or call us 606-436-1988.

Not so Terrible Two’s { 2nd Birthday Photo Shoot }

frontThe thing I love most about a two year old is you CAN’T reason with them yet! As a photographer, this keeps me on my toes.  It’s a continuous challenge to come up with ways and props to keep them “contained”.

We used lots of distracting elements for this SPUNKY, HAPPY, AMBITIOUS two-year old:

Andrew’s Balloons

Andrew’s Tricycle

Andrew’s vintage Rocking Chair

My umbrella

My Songs

All of us Dancing

Foolish Photographer

Hilarious Mother

Helpful Assistant (thank God)

I think we did a good job at capturing Andrew’s perfect personality.  My favorite thing he said was, “Chaaaeeeeesssssseeeeee”, that’s his Eastern Kentucky way of saying, “cheese”.

20x24 traditiona-BLOG final


I am just in love with this little boy!  Thank you Susan for sharing him with me.


For anyone who wants to book a session this summer call me, 606-436-1988 or email me NOW


Ready, Set . . . Summer! (summer family pictures)

Beach Wall 56x56-30_0x30_0-03Summers in Eastern Kentucky are the most beautiful in the world, in my humble opinion!  The lush green mountains, old barns, and dusty trails make the perfect setting for outdoor family pictures.

The benefits are: You don’t have to get your kids out of school, colorful clothing is everywhere, and authentic expressions are easily caught if you have a camera on hand. {I happen to have a few}.   This session of the gorgeous Mitchell family was one of my favorite summer sessions last year, somewhere off the beaten path toward the Leatherwood/Cornettsville area of Perry County, Kentucky.

For more locations throughout Kentucky, click here.