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Bring something simple for headshots!!!! It can be a sweater that matches your eye color, or anything not too distracting so we can create beautiful color harmony within the image and keeps the attention on your gorgeous eyes!

headshots of Miss Teen KY Emma Grace

I love it when a senior brings something that matches their eye color! I always shoot head shots at my senior photo sessions so keep this in mind. It’s a great way to show off those baby blues, greens, or browns.

My Brown eyed girls!
Asia in the beautiful backlight at my studio, Hazard, KY
This simple sweater was the perfect texture for Bailey’s headshot.
See all her outfits here:
Simone has used this top to match her eye color and WOW!
If you are brown eyed, I love to play on the blush tones when shooting
Another Blush toned image of Madison.
Watch her senior film here:
Using a simple black shirt and the gorgeous colors of fall to enhance these baby blues!
A Simple sweater showed off Eden’s shoulder and gorgeous brown eyes. Want to see more of Eden’s style? See all her outfits in her senior film here.
Chloe used a cute hat to enhance her headshots! Watch her senior film here.

It’s the question I get asked most often and for good reason, you’ve been waiting years for this photographic milestone!  

Here’s the formula I like to stick to:  

Something old (vintage), something new (modern and beautiful), something borrowed (from your mom, dad or grandmas closet) and something blue (or whatever color your eyes are).

Something old . . . not everyone can fit into or wants to wear their grandmother’s wedding dress, but how cute when they do!  

Look around and ask your parents or grandparents if they have a unique item we could use for an editorial senior portrait, vintage coats, furs, U.S. navy pants, etc.  It could be your Dad’s letterman jacket, or your Dad’s leather jacket. Here are some examples: 

1970’s leather




More old leather . . . 


Check back soon for Part 2. Something new . . .