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CLASS OF 2017: FILLING THE SCHEDULE NOW! 606-436-1988 only 100 per year!

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REVEALED, The Secrets Behind Rose’s Looks In Detail { 2017 Hazard High School Senior, Rose Clemons }

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CLASS OF 2017  FILLING THE SCHEDULE NOW!  Class of 2017, now it’s your turn!  We are already planning late summer and fall shoots. The calendar is filing up faster than ever before and we only shoot 100 Senior Sessions a year!  Find out the details of our Senior Sessions here or call the Studio M-F. Leave a message! 606-436-1988

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The second Rose wondered into my studio, she immediately said she really didn’t want her senior pictures to reflect a bunch of fashion trends hanging on racks at stores, but more of what we would see in a fashion/beauty magazine.   Rose is a natural poser, making it easy for us to get creative and do some fun stuff.   Inspired by fashion shoots, magazine spreads and our own Eastern Kentucky landscape, we planned some cool images, totally on the fly.  Rose has grown up at my house, so I felt a bit of pressure to shoot something AMAZING, but knowing what a laid back personality she has made it easy to shoot “from the hip.”

So, Secret NUMBER 1.  Her choker is a piece of Velcro we found on the floor of the studio.  Oh, and the fur belongs to me.

Secret NUMBER 2.   This leather jacket belonged to Rose’s father, Buggy Clemons.  He passed away when she was a baby, leaving a void that cannot be filled and will never be fair.  She wanted to incorporate the jacket to show she is keeping him close to her heart.

Secret NUMBER 3.   This gorgeous piece of fabric is a simple maternity gown we pulled off my rack, LOL. Hey, whatever works.

Secret NUMBER 4. You don’t need a bunch of clothes when you are built like a model. Grab a sweater, a tank or pullover and let’s go.

There,  I’m finished with revealing the details behind all these looks.  Here are some of some of my favorite images. ROSE CLEMONS was a pleasure to photograph, my muse for the day.

Thank you for looking at this beautiful Senior’s blog post!

Emily loves her small town, Manchester, KY,  for many reasons.  She has been inseparable from her senior class since 7th grade.  She loves going to her school’s sporting events and dressing up for pep themes.  After every basketball game she and her friends go eat Mexican cuisine to celebrate. There’s nothing like growing up in a small town.

Emily confesses though, there’s really not much to do in a small town in the winter, but in the summer she loves going to the lake and  four wheeling. She also mentions that one of the most entertaining things about living in a small town is listening to the local gossip!    In Clay County Kentucky, everyone knows everyone so there is never a lack of entertainment. LOL.

Although Emily loves her small town, she has big town aspirations.  She loves New York and Nashville, especially the Bridgestone Arena area since she loves country music. A larger town will also afford her more shopping opportunities. This brings me to my next confession, oh, and it’s mine, not Emily’s . . . I’m obsessed with her eyebrows!!!!!!!!!!!!  Emily says, “My brows are naturally thick so sometimes I don’t even fill them in.  The only thing I use is the Anastasia Brow Wiz.”  She tried the Brow Definer and did not like it, saying the brow Wiz is more thin and has better precision.  Both can be purchased at Sephora for around $20.

Other brow tips from Emily:  1. Get Brows waxed every 3-4 weeks. 2. Anything Kylie for lips:  Kylie Lip gloss in “So Cute” 3. MAC RED is an awesome red to have on hand.  3. NYX lip butters stay on forever.

Emily rocked her senior portrait session!  She brought the most important thing with her, her PERSONALITY.  Here’s what she had to say about her senior portrait experience. “I absoutely LOVED my senior picture session!!  A few of my friends had Suzanne take their pictures before and my mom and I fell instantly in love with her work!  I wouldn’t consider myself camera shy, but she definitely made me feel confident and relaxed while shooting.  My favorite pictures are the ones of me in the red dress.  She just happened to have it in her studio and suggested that I wear it.  It turned out fabulous!!”

Thank you Emily!  We wanted her senior portraits to reflect who she was and where she is going.  I think we accomplished that. And no Emily, you are far from camera shy!

What’s your favorite thing about living in a small town?

  1. What Photographer do I want for this once in a lifetime experience? Choosing a photographer is like choosing a prom dress.  It may look good on another model or in the store, but what’s it like in person?  Don’t just pick your photographer because he/she can make images look good on instagram, facebook, snapchat, youtube, etc. You will want someone that is reputable, passionate, creative, delivers a great product in a timely manner,  AND guarantees you will be happy with your experience.  You will want someone who knows how to pose, light, and edit you in a flattering way.  I’m sorry to say but that’s probably not your mom’s friend at work, your Uncle Jim, or your friend’s iphone. This is comparable to your wedding day, only sooner!  Once you decide on a photographer and book, then ask yourself the next question . . .
  2. What Season do I want to shoot in?  Are you inspired by the vibrant colors of summer, love that you have a tan, AND want to show off dresses, shorts, or run barefoot in a field?  Then you will want to book your senior portraits in the summer.  Are you obsessed with sweaters, texture, warm colors and glowing sunsets?  If so,  fall is your season.  October is the most popular time for family portraits, so book early enough in order to ensure you have a spot.  Could you care less about colors and seasons and just want something to look forward to in the cold dead of the winter?  Then, winter is the season for you.  Just remember, snow pictures are going to be hanging in your house all year around. Make sure that’s ok with your mom. For all you procrastinators, spring portraits are your last chance to create something magical with a fresh start. April Showers are the perfect time to show off rain boots, umbrellas, blooming flowers, prom dresses, etc.  If you choose a good photographer, they will know how to shoot in all the above seasons and know what locations are perfect for each one.  This brings me to my last question you should ask yourself . . . 
  3. What makes you different than every other Senior out there? Is it your personality? Your fashion style, your hair, makeup, sports skills?  What makes you unique?  Is it your ambition, drive, focus, strength, vision for your future?  Everyone wants their senior pictures to be two things, 1. great and 2. unique    A good senior portrait photographer will be able to figure out how to showcase your uniqueness and make you feel AWESOME during the process. An experienced senior photographer will highlight your strengths.  Not every senior is the same size or has the same personality.  Who would want to photograph the same thing every day?  I sure wouldn’t. It’s an experience of a lifetime. Take it serious, but don’t take yourself too serious, and don’t squander it away.  Ride the wave.  You got this!