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Yearly Archives: 2016

Corbin High School 2017 Featured Senior, Mollie Daniel

Spread the love!TweetBe anything but predictable. 

Featured 2017 Knott County Central High School Senior, Maui Hall

Spread the love!TweetHappy girls shine brighter!  Maui

Featured 2017 Leslie County High School Senior, Shelby Lauren Sparks

Spread the love!TweetShelby Sparks, one of the

Featured 2017 East Ridge High School Senior, Katie Ratliff

Spread the love!TweetThis is the beautiful Katie!  She

Featured 2017 Pikeville High School Senior, McKenna Collins

Spread the love!TweetIt’s not everyday I meet

Featured 2017 Lee County High School Senior, Ashlynn Lumpkins

Spread the love!TweetMeet the beautiful Ashlynn.  We

Featured 2017 Betsy Layne High School Senior, Talicia Coleman

Spread the love!TweetTalicia absolutely brought IT to

Featured 2017 Pikeville County High School Senior, Taylor Johns

Spread the love!TweetTaylor Johns is a Pikeville High

Featured 2017 Pikeville High School Senior, Kassidy Caudill

Spread the love!TweetWith a casual style and a perfect

Featured 2017 East Ridge High School Senior, Emily Hurley

Spread the love!TweetEmily Hurley loves her DOG, her

Featured 2017 Hazard High School Senior, Hannah Haley

Spread the love!TweetMeet Hannah. . .  She’s our