McKenna Brooke Deaton, Hazard High School Graduate, U.K. Freshman

When I discovered my passion for photography 14 years ago,  it was so I could capture moments of my children that were fleeting. McKenna was 4 years old then.  I placed her on a rock outside wearing a short sleeved dress in the freezing cold.  The expressions she made while shivering to death were priceless.  And so began my love of photographing the girl in my life that means the most.

How can I express what it meant to photograph her childhood, teenage years, and then her senior year?  Not all of the pictures are portraits.  Not all of the portraits are perfect.  But, finally, here are some of our favorite portraits we captured together.   We had an amazing 4 years . . .

Myrtle Beach, SC, Spring 2016  { hair and makeup, McKenna Deaton, wearing vintage U.S. Navy pants, circa 1967 }

Hazard Country Club, Fall 2015 { hair and makeup, McKenna Deaton }

Savannah, GA, Summer 2016 { hair and makeup, McKenna Deaton }

Studio Portraits, Hazard, KY  { throw back to the 80’s, styled by me and my sister, Lauren, hair and makeup, McKenna Deaton }


Inspired by the movie, “Flashdance” . . .

Vintage Mick Jagger jacket owned by Mick, circa 1976. { the discoloration of the jacket is from his sweat, and thanks Aunt Trish for loaning us such a valuable piece of pop culture }

Some Studio Shots . . . { hair and makeup, McKenna Deaton }

This Black and White Portrait is probably my favorite.  It looks like I see her everyday and I am in love with the tones.

Eastern Kentucky locations, Fall 2016 { hair and makeup, McKenna Deaton }

Prom, Spring 2017 { hair by Suzanne Deaton, makeup by Kayla Beverly }

Thanks for looking at this lengthy post.  It’s been an emotional time for us all as a family.  Photography keeps me going each day, inspires me, and so do my husband and children.


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