2016 International Print Competition Platinum Photographer of the Year, the Making of Loan Prints

“Yuck, I Hate P’sketti”    :    IPC Loan Print, 1st Place Children’s Portrait Southeast District, scored 95.   Inspired by the pictures of children eating pasta at Fazoli’s.


“There’s Always Next Year”   :   IPC Loan Print, 2nd Place Children’s Portrait Southeast District, scored 93.  Inspired by the love of children playing sports and putting their heart and soul into their passion at such a young age.  Jayvon White was my model and he sure delivered the emotion I was looking for!

“My Science Homework Ate My Dog”  :   IPC Loan Print, scored 92 at Southeast District.  Inspired by the book, “Homework Eats Dog and other Woeful Tales”, by Alan Haehnel.  I wanted to bring this story to life in print medium.   If you look closely, you will find all kinds of doggie parts in the beakers and beyond!!!

“Anticipation”    :     IPC General Collection Thanks for looking, now I have to find inspiration for this year’s competition.  Wish me luck!





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