Tip Tuesday: 3 Ways to Supercharge your Senior Portraits! ! ! . . . { for photographers too! }

  1.  Have fun with food!  Who doesn’t love to stop and get a snack?  Might as well make it a part of your photo shoot!  My Seniors have been posing with sweets like donuts, cotton candy, suckers, milk shakes, ice cream, cookies, etc.
  2. Shoot from different angles!  I love the Canon EF 35mm 1.4 and the Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art lens
  3. Shoot BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO!  I can’t tell you what a game changer shooting video of my seniors has been.  It elevates the experience for them tremendously and adds a tangible product they can go home with.  We upload all our videos to instagram and youtube.  It builds confidence in my seniors, adds value to the session like never before, and well is just flat out FUN!  To see the latest videos subscribe to my youtube channel.  or click any of the links below to see Senior Photo shoots in action! Miss Teen Kentucky 2019 Senior Portraits   Brianna Couch, Fashion Inspired Senior Rockstar! Want to still see more?  Watch Grace Epperson’s Senior Video here.
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